Euler's Eccentricity of Geometry Chandelier


Our Square Design Chandelier  has that simple elegance with a modern touch. The balance of quality materials and a futuristic charm, is sure to fit perfectly within modern interiors as well as the traditional ones.


Size and other features:

  • Large: 890 x 600x H140mm, Lighting Area: 20-25 sqm, Heads arranged in a 6+2 order, Voltage: 95w
  • Medium: 585 x 585x H140mm, Lighting Area: 15-20 sqm, Heads arranged in a 4+4 order, Voltage: 80w
  • Small: 585 x585 x H140mm, Lighting Area: 10-15 sqm, Heads arranged in a 4+1 order, Voltage: 60w
  • All Lights Sizes are Dimmable with a remote



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